Dr.G.Saravanakumar M.B.B.S, M.S., D.A., F.P.S Consultant Podiatric Surgeon, Diabetic Foot Specialist has specialized himself in treating and healing of diabetic foot problems with exclusive STATE OF THE ART methodologies. It is to be gleefully mentioned that he is the only specialist doctor in south tamilnadu for the diabetic foot care who is properly trained and who is in par with the diabetic foot care surgeons [podiatric surgeons ] in the United states. .

His avowed aspiration is to make his patients of diabetic foot hopeful of the treatment that they undergo, whether in the beginning or in the developed stage. The doctor instills the utmost confidence of healing in the minds of the patients with high degree of professional ethics.

In this website one could view the commonly searched information and solutions for individual diabetic foot conditions and one could also see the photographs of the treated diabetic foot conditions.

Dr.G.Saravanakumar M.B.B.S, M.S., D.A., F.P.S apart from the gamut of medical treatments envisages why people who seek all best things in life, do not seek the best for their foot also - this invariably reflects his sense of consciousness as that of best physician with a tinge of magnanimity.

As the consultant podiatric surgeon, the doctor does diabetic foot salvage surgery, in some needed cases advises foot amputations, provides solutions for complicated diabetic foot infections after routine treatments with antibiotics, dressings, foot surgery etc.

His mission and vision is to make all his diabetic patients walk to fulfill their all their dreams and to be problem free of their feet till they complete their life.

Diabetic foot care centre of Dr.G.Saravanakumar M.B.B.S, M.S., D.A., F.P.S identifies those patients limping with high risks of diabetic foot ulceration by thorough examinations and by some basic tests like Doppler, biothesiometry, foot pressure study etc.

Avoidance of amputations:

The Diabetic foot clinic, as the noble medical service, educates the patients at high risk of diabetic foot about the methods of prevention of amputation.

Diabetic foot ulcers: which are not healing for more than 3 months are commonly mis-managed cases by some doctors and besides due to the negligence of the patients and many of such cases end up with diabetic foot infections | diabetic foot amputations – which could be avoided by proper diabetic foot care.

Best and methodical podiatry treatments are offered by Dr.G.Saravanakumar M.B.B.S, M.S., D.A., F.P.S with the high range of confidence.